Why Use A Realtor When Buying New Construction?

New construction has many advantages, however too often buyers make the false assumption that there are no benefits to choosing their own representation when purchasing a new construction home. This is a huge misconception! Many buyers assume that the onsite builder’s agent will represent them on the purchase of their new home.  They also assume that working with the internal representation will result in getting a better deal on their purchase. When actually the builder’s rep is working directly for the builder – not for you! Their job is to write contracts and close deals for the builder, who often times is their employer. Any incentives or ‘discounts’ are offered to anyone interested in purchasing a property; not just to those who use the onsite representation.

Experience isn’t expensive.  It’s priceless. If you carefully select a Real Estate professional who understands the ins and outs of new construction home purchasing, then they will be there to represent you and your best interest.  Most people wouldn’t consider buying an existing home without a Realtor to represent them directly.  Therefore, why consider going through an even more in-depth and lengthy process of building a home without someone on your side?  In today’s market, there are many different builders with a variety of end products (homes) to choose from. When you opt in to working with an onsite agent and with a builder you are limited to that specific community or that builder’s product only. When you work with a Real Estate professional that is connected to you and not with a specific builder you are able to view and compare a wide variety of products (homes). Often times an agent working for a building company isn’t permitted to represent you if you have an existing property to sell. By selecting a Real Estate professional that can represent you in both transactions often times makes the process more streamlined.

Selecting an agent to represent you in any real estate transaction is extremely important, however, in new construction the stakes can be a bit higher. In many cases, you are committing to something that doesn’t even exist yet and signing documents for a process you might not fully understand. Buyers can avoid a lot of surprises by securing good representation from an experienced Realtor.

Matt Burnett

Matt started his real estate career just after college with a strong desire to be successful and build a company to be proud of. In 1999 “Burnett Builders” was formed which has since built close to 300 homes and small commercial projects. Along with the construction arm of the business, Matt focusses on Commercial Real Estate Sales and Development. When not working, Matt can usually be found doing something fun outdoors with family and friends. #Running:Lakelife:Hunting:4wheelers

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