The “Sitting Disease” – How to Survive

How many hours do you sit per day?  Think about it…at work, in the car, watching TV, meals, etc.  Fifty to seventy percent of people spend 6 or more hours sitting per day.  This may be wrecking our bodies and shortening our lifespan.

Answer to this – MOVE MORE!  Here are a few tips to integrate throughout your busy day to help fight the “sitting disease.”

  • Stand more – set a timer and stand at least every hour
  • Walk while on the phone (unless it has a cord!)
  • Do not take the closest parking spot at the store – save your car and add extra steps
  • Set a timer for every 20 minutes while at the office to remind you to get up and stretch or do a lap around the office
  • Invest in a pedometer and count your steps – have a competition in your office


Studies have shown that sitting compresses your spine.  For prolonged health, get up and move!  Make your life a little healthier and easier.

Martie Burnett - Team Leader/ Lisiting Specialist

Martie’s real estate journey began in 2004 when she joined her husband Matt, taking over the residential sales division. She prides herself on customer service and representing every customer and home to the very best of her ability. Martie is a proud mother of two and devoted wife. Her passion and enthusiasm for life is reflected in everything she does. When she can sneak away to have some fun you’ll find her with her family and friends enjoying the water and good food!

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