Do You Like To Save Money?

Do you like to save money?  I do, but quality matters to me as well!   Going the cheap route can occasionally mean the quality is compromised, but there’s nothing better than finding something you’ve been searching for at a bargain price.

One of my favorite apps to use while I’m out shopping is Retail Me Not. I mainly use this for clothing and shoes.  Retail Me Not is a free app for your mobile device and they also have a website. Once I walk into a store or shop online, I will search the site/app for the current deals (i.e. online offers, in-store offers, printable coupons, free shipping/promo codes, gift card deals etc.).  The company distributes over 500,000 coupons from over 50,000 stores in a variety of retail categories.  How awesome is that?

Personally, I don’t like getting a slew of emails from retailers that tend to flood my inbox (I actually have tips for this as well, but that is for another day, another newsletter…so check back regularly). Many of the emails we all get in our inbox will be featured on this site/app – so you can feel free to opt out of emails from retailers if you so choose.

Many of my friends that I have recommended this site/app to love the convenience and have saved lots of money.  I hope you find it just as helpful. Just search for Retail Me Not in the app store. Oh, and guess what?  It’s FREE!



Janea Hiser

Janea worked for a Corporation for 20 years before deciding to spend more time with her husband & kids. She had always wanted to work for a small business with her accounting background and still have enough time to spend with family. She loves quality at a deal thus the reason for the content of her blog. She hopes you can find some great tips to help you save money!

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