Breakfast – is it REALLY the most important meal of the day?

Breakfast – is it REALLY the most important meal of the day?

Your mother always told you to eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day.  Is it really?

Why people skip breakfast – the majority of individuals skip this meal because they are trying to lose weight.  Studies have shown that people who miss breakfast actually consume more calories throughout the day and have a decrease in their metabolic rate.  A smaller percentage of others blame skipping breakfast on a lack of time as they are running out the door.  This also leads to a decrease in metabolism as well as grabbing whatever junk is convenient at the time being.  Rushing without planning typically results in an increase in weight because healthy food is not available in an office with vending machines and donuts.

Eating a high calorie meal or snack full of sugar for breakfast is not beneficial and has been linked to increased snacking throughout the day.  Rather than pastries and donuts, reaching for something containing protein will help to keep you full and your metabolism revving.  Items may include yogurt with fruit and granola or nuts, a smoothie with the addition of a high quality protein, egg sandwich, boiled eggs and fruit or lean meats and vegetables.  Many of these meals can be prepared the night before for your rush out the door in the morning.  Eating healthfully requires thought and planning.  Stash nuts or trail mix in your car.  Grab fruit and throw in your purse or bag.  Get a single serving blender bottle for smoothies.  If your workplace allows, store healthy items for breakfast for when you arrive.

Eating healthy is not hard.  It just takes some thought.  Moral of the story, eat breakfast.  Not just any breakfast, something beneficial for your body.  It revs up your metabolism for the day and keeps your blood sugar stable.  Healthy food leads to healthy brain function which in turn leads to increased performance.

Martie Burnett - Team Leader/ Lisiting Specialist

Martie’s real estate journey began in 2004 when she joined her husband Matt, taking over the residential sales division. She prides herself on customer service and representing every customer and home to the very best of her ability. Martie is a proud mother of two and devoted wife. Her passion and enthusiasm for life is reflected in everything she does. When she can sneak away to have some fun you’ll find her with her family and friends enjoying the water and good food!

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