There are many factors when it comes to selling your home. These factors come in two categories.

Factors You Can’t Control

Market Conditions Market conditions include the economy, current interest rates, and competitive listings. These are all things that could affect the sale of your home. Being educated on these and working with a professional who is constantly reviewing the market will allow you to position your home to sell in any market.

Location The location of your home as it is now and as it will be in the future play a big role in selling your home. Working with a professional who know the community and can provide insight will set your home up for a pain free sale.

Factors You Can Control

Condition The condition of your home can affect not only the price of your home, but how quickly your home sells. The first impression can make or break the sale. Our team can view your home objectively and will offer suggestions to improve the marketability of your home.

Terms The financing options you are willing to consider, flexibility in closing dates, and willingness to negotiate personal property are all things that can affect the sale of your home. Our Team will assist you in determining what terms are agreeable to you.

Marketing Exposing your home to the maximum number of potential buyers in the minimum amount of time is the best way to ensure a quick sale. Every home is different therefore how each home is marketed should be different as well. The Burnett Team has an extensive background in marketing different properties as well as partnerships that allow them to aggressively market your home to potential buyers.

Price After all other factors are considered, the most important factor comes into play. What you want is to maximize your return. However properties that are overpriced often times are ruled out of buyer’s initial screening. You want to price your home to get the maximum return in the timeframe you need. Our agents know how to analyze the market data and will assist you to get the best price possible for your home.